Hurricane Information
Renew your passes starting May 1st, 2008. You have two options for obtaining the passes.

1. By Mail - We need a copy of a current utility bill, on this copy notate that you are the owner of the listed property and are requesting a re-entry pass. Include the date and a phone number where we can reach you, then sign & have notarized. Include a self addressed stamped envelope and mail to:

North Topsail Beach Town Hall
Attn: Re-Entry Passes
2008 Loggerhead Court
North Topsail Beach, NC 28460

2. In person - Bring proof of residency to town hall, (current utility bill) and picture ID.

Hurricanes are classified in five different categories:
  • Category 1 - Winds of 74 to 95 miles per hour, accompanied by a 4 to 5 foot storm surge.

  • Category 2 - Winds of 96 to 110 miles per hour, accompanied by a 6 to 8 foot storm surge.

  • Category 3 - Winds of 111 to 130 miles per hour, accompanied by a 9 to 12 foot storm surge.

  • Category 4 - Winds of 131 to 155 miles per hour, accompanied by a 13 to 18 foot storm surge.

  • Category 5 - Winds over 156 miles per hour, accompanied by a storm surge of 19 feet or higher.

Depending on your proximity to water, you may need to seek shelter or evacuate well in advance of hurricane watches or warnings. Collect your emergency supplies and make your plans before the appearance of dangerous storm conditions. Refer to the checklist for Hurricane Watches and Warnings.

Hurricane Watch
A Hurricane Watch is issued when there is a thread of hurricane conditions within 24 to 36 hours.

Go to Hurricane Watch Checklist

Hurricane Warning
A Hurricane Warning is issued when hurricane conditions (winds of 74 miles per hour or greater or dangerously high water and rough seas) are expected within 24 hours.

Go to Hurricane Warning Checklist

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